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Stretch forming metal is a blending of science and art. Designing and forming curved structural components and architectural accents require precise engineering, powerful imagination, and scrupulous attention to detail. That’s why Mid-Am Metal Forming is the leader in the stretch forming industry. From formed metal components for complex structures like aircraft fuselages, fire truck chassis, and works of art, to curved aluminum glazing systems for storefronts and civic buildings, our superior quality and extensive experience is apparent in every piece we form.

We’ll work with you from conceptual design through prototype fabrication and delivery of your formed metal. Whether you need to curve a single part or large program production, we can use our extensive tool inventory or design and build custom tooling to meet your specifications and tolerances.

As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, our demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement, quality and customer satisfaction have earned us approved-supplier status with many major corporations and government entities. Just a few of our past successes include;

  • Aerospace- F-18, F-15, Harrier, A-10, C-130
  • Automotive- Fire trucks, Waste Disposal Vehicles, Ambulance, Trailer Frames
  • Marine- Gunwales, Windshield Frames, Trim, Railing
  • Military- Turret Rings, Assault Vehicles
  • Stadiums –NY Mets Citi Field Stadium, North Carolina State University Stadium
  • Civic Attractions- Guggenheim Museum, Getty Museum , Milwaukee Art Museum, San Diego Convention Center, Disney World’s Mission Space

Regardless of the complexities involved with your project, if formed metal is required you can rely on our team of metal curving experts. We’re Mid-Am Metal Forming and we’re ready to help you transform your curved design into reality.